GuiCOBOL is a pre-processor that through the AGAR libraries and an ‘object like’ syntax allows the use of the main GUI objects. The peculiarity of GuiCOBOL is that it is therefore possible to generate GUI starting from or from the creation of the single object (be it a form, a label. A list) therefore it is possible to create a GUI program (with events and graphic objects) also through complete code generation with batch procedures.

This opportunity can be particularly useful if you need to port from a legacy procedure and want to regenerate the environment starting from the previous structure, thus safeguarding the analysis and the investment already made.

The AGAR team has released version 1.6 which, among other things, incorporates various suggestions and improvements also for the support of GnuCOBOL.

New features will also be added for web support as well as other new widgets. All elements that contribute positively to the evaluation made regarding the choice of AGAR. Last but not least, the AGAR team also provides commercial-grade premium support, giving us hope that with the launch of GuiCOBOL with the new graphics library, you can always count on qualified support. This is a fundamental element for those who decide to use it in production in the near future. For the GuiCOBOL project, the technical documentation relating to the syntax of the properties, methods and events that can be used with GuiCOBOL is also being published.

First version was released with the installation notes for linux in the Ubuntu distribution. I remember that the Agar library is cross-platform. GuiCOBOL is available also for Windows.